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South Australia's Online Planning & Design Code

Rural and outback areas
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What policies apply to an address?
What policies apply to a development?
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Planning and Design Code

The Planning and Design Code is the single source of planning policy for 33 rural council areas and the outback of South Australia. It will be implemented across metropolitan areas and large regional centres later this year.

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How to view the Code

There are three different ways to view the Planning and Design Code in this tool.

  1. 1. What policies apply to an address
    retrieves the Code policies applicable to your property and allows you to view this.
  2. 2. What policies apply to development
    identifies the assessment pathways available to development at your property.
  3. 3. Browse the Planning and Design Code
    allows you to read all of the Code for rural and outback South Australia.

Important Information about Copper Coast and Kangaroo Island Councils

Please note that the policy content for Copper Coast and Kangaroo Island Councils contained in the Planning and Design Code will be brought into operation simultaneous with the policy content for urban areas.

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